Anthropos Festival
Anthropos Festival

Accessible Camping Area

The Accessible Camping Area (ACA) is intended for disabled people who would find it difficult to camp in the general camping areas. It is a flat camping area, that allows for clear access into tents, within the main festival arena. Please apply in advance if you wish to camp in the ACA. The application form can be found below. The deadline for applications is 1st June. Even though we will do our best, spaces cannot be guaranteed if you apply after this date.
If you are coming in a live in vehicle and wish to camp in the ACA you will still have to purchase a live in vehicle/camper pass.

The ACA is located close to the stages, inside the arena. Access is controlled by wristband and there is 24-hour stewarding. The area is flat with vehicle access and has accessible toilets and showers and a wheelchair charging point. If you are worried about noise levels but want to camp in the ACA, we will be providing disposable earplugs. If for some reason you happen to lose your earplugs or simply want another pair, please ask a festival representative for a new pair.

We can accommodate tents, camper vans and caravans in the ACA, but please contact us if you have a vehicle larger than 6m.
You are allowed to bring your car up to the ACA to unload your gear, however please note that cars are not permitted to park next to tents for safety reasons. A very limited number of close by car parking spaces will be available for those who need their cars close to their tents throughout the festival for medical reasons. There will be blue badge parking spaces.

Groups camping in the ACA are limited to 4 people (1 disabled person and 3 others). If you would like to camp in a larger group you are welcome to camp in the general camping area and still use the ACA facilities.

Disabled people are of course free to camp in the general camping area. If you would like to camp in the general camping area, but need to use the facilities in the ACA you are free to do so. If you decide to camp in the general camping area and have any medical needs or have brought medical equipment with you, please inform the medical crew so that we are aware of where you are camped and how we can help you should the need arise. If you are not sure whether you should use the ACA or the general camping area (or have any other questions), please contact and we will try to advise you.

Accessible Camping Application Form

The Accessible Camping Area (ACA) is intended for use by those who are considered to be disabled under the terms of the 2010 Equality Act and who would find it difficult to camp in the main public areas of the festival because of their disability.
All applications are considered individually. Please apply for a place in the ACA as soon as possible and at the latest before 1st June 2019, we can not guarantee a place to anyone applying after this date. If you do not apply before you leave for the festival you will not have the correct routing pass and will not be able to bring your vehicle onto the ACA.

Please read the information about the ACA above before filling out this application form.

Please note that use of the ACA is separate from the application for a PA ticket, holders of free PA tickets still need to fill out the form to apply for space in the ACA. You do not have to camp in the ACA if you have a free PA ticket. Similarly if you do not qualify for a free PA ticket, but feel you need to use the ACA you can apply for a space.

A confirmation email will be sent to the address provided. This is an automated process and you should recieve an email within minutes
We will then send you the results of our manual review, which can take up to several days.
Please check your spam!.
*All your personal data will be protected and will not shared with any third party. All information will be kept in compliance with data protection laws. The only people who will have access to personal data are the staff who manage the Accessible Camping Area. *

Will you bring a live in vehicle/camper?*
We normally restrict groups to one live-in vehicle (campervan or caravan) plus one tent. If you wish to bring more than this please contact us by email.

Do you use your vehicle as a support system?
All people camping in the ACA can load and unload there before moving their cars to a parking space nearby. We have very limited parking in the ACA for those who absolutely need their vehicle as a support system throughout the weekend or because the driver has restricted mobility.

Will you need to recharge a wheelchair or other accessibility aid?
It is helpful for us to have an idea of how many people will use this facility, so we know how many power sockets to provide.