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Revolutions of Revelations - Cult Creations


Colt; a humanoid life form currently based on Earth, is struggling to understand himself and the world around him. A world of duality, choice, cycles and destiny… with humanity seemingly dancing on the brink of extinction. In Art is where Colt find his peace with the Omniverse: whether written, vocal or visual, he tries to express humanities challenges and awe, ever tinted through his lens and ability. This led to 'Cult Creations' -an umbrella of creativity, housing his work and working towards helping the creative community, through collaborations, commissions, and gallery/festival projects.

At the moment Colt is working though his main visual narrative...
-The Yūgen project; a life-long artistic and spiritual endeavour:
Through colourful cartoons, pop-culture references, quotes and puzzle pieces he creates psychedelic maelstroms of tranquil chaos; exploring elements of society, philosophy, science, and nature, while weaving a trail of breadcrumbs for those unsane enough to follow…
Currently he is working through his third Bak’tum, which he hopes to have completed by summer 12,019 (he).

Yūgen Chapter Fifteen "Scientia Potentia es" - Cult Creations

Shrunken Head

Yūgen Chapter Fifteen "Errare Humanum Est" - Cult Creations

Let it rain - Cult Creations

The Altar of Dualism - Cult Creations

Do you know da wae - Cult Creations