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Guy Watts

Celestial Cycles - Guy Watts


I specialise in detailed dreamy, naïve and also complex patterns. This all started when I bought my first pair of glasses at the age of 27, before putting up with squinting at distant objects. This sudden clarity in vision tripped off the desire to draw and first picked up the pen in 1990, initially producing my own designs for cassette covers and a few private commissions for parties/hotel openings and drawing oil rigs. This was followed by commiting to much larger, generally A4 pieces of art, mostly working from home and occasionally squeezing in smaller works when I used to work on oil rigs in the North Sea.

The drawings over time, especially from 1998 to PRESENT have become increasingly complex, ultimately working with a 0.13mm technical ink pen. Each piece may take up to 3 months to execute, depending on other commitments.

Most of my work comes from exploring dreams, meditative states of mind, cycle rides and country walks, Somerset being a prefect place to build on my imagination with its beautifully variable landscapes. However, I have taken large chunks of time cycling around various parts of Europe, living mostly wild, especially in the mountains of Spain. In planning a picture, I will sketch out the most basic of ideas, after which I then concentrate on the one drawing from start to finish.

Circular Grasses - Guy Watts

Sun Trees - Guy Watts

Circular Trees - Guy Watts