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Anthropos Festival

Heidi Vilkman

Barn Owl - Heidi Vilkman


I am originally from Finland but have lived in UK for nearly 22 years. My art is influenced by my childhood spent playing in a Finnish forest, my work encapsulates both the realistic and mythical aspects of nature, and my experiences of it. Fantasy and fairy-tales feature strongly in my work but I also enjoy making realistic depictions of beautiful flora and fauna. I use paper as my creative medium and love to mix it with illustration and other creative techniques.

I love to explore the ethereal landscapes of my mind and to experiment with different ways to interpret these. Spirals feature strongly in my work because spiral is symbolic to the way I view life itself; an eternal movement creating a repetitious pattern, but one, which is always new and never repeats itself in exactly the same way. For me art is the perfect way to interpret this principle. .

 Heidi Vilkman

Gemini - Heidi Vilkman

Girl and Unicorn paper cut - Heidi Vilkman

Huginn and Muninn - Heidi Vilkman

Magical Peacock - Heidi Vilkman

Moths - Heidi Vilkman

Paper Bumblebees - Heidi Vilkman

UV dragonfly paper cut - Heidi Vilkman