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Randal Roberts

Fawkes - Randal Roberts


Randal Roberts is an internationally recognized self-taught painter. Having identified as an artist his whole life, at the age of 30 he was inspired to at last quit the factory job to dedicate himself to art full time. After a yearlong soul-searching road trip across the U.S., Randal began building a body of artwork fusing various wisdom traditions, iconic symbolism, and profound personal experiences and relationships with the flow of ornamental design. Since then, he has become a celebrated live-performance and studio painter in the USA and across the globe. The organic sensibility and attention to detail in Randal’s paintings reveal his intuitive direction to “emphasize what you love about each brushstroke.” He has lived in the beautiful NY Hudson Valley, the beloved San Francisco Bay, and is currently based in Boulder, CO.

Beloved Omega Heart - Randal Roberts

Flaming June Remix- Randal Roberts

great_wave_remix_randal_roberts_web - Randal Roberts

Portrait of Homer Simpson - Randal Roberts

RandalRobertswithPaintings - Randal Roberts