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Anthropos Festival

Rowan Koshui

Koshui - Rowan Koshui


Rowan Koshui is an artist born and still creating on the British isles. Exploring spiritual symbolism, shamanic flow states and art as meditation, Koshui has exhibited at psychedelic festivals and gatherings on our planet for the last decade. From dusty hillsides in Bulgaria, curious forests of Lithuania, abandoned military air hangars of eastern Germany to the wet Welsh valleys and scrumpy pubs and barns of Somerset, it has been possible to encounter Rowans intriguing explorations of archaic energies. Delving into the depths of human consciousness, Koshui's exploration and passion has been to unearth the hidden languages of Gaia and our ancestors wisdom to reveal ever-evolving organic pattern-work landscapes.

On this journey a creative flow-state process was discovered, a form of active meditation. Koshui hopes to share this vision at Anthropos, of how art can heal trauma, help us to find ourselves, connect to each other and to our earth.

Mushui - Rowan Koshui

Ink 1 - Rowan Koshui

Ink 3 - Rowan Koshui

Pattern - Rowan Koshui

Ink 2 - Rowan Koshui

Koshu Dragon - Rowan Koshui