Anthropos Festival
Anthropos Festival

Scarlett Butters

Giving Birth into Nothingness - Scarlett Butters


My artwork is born out of trying to offer a glimpse of my mother earthly experience in the fluting, spiralling song that stems from the great, hollow mystery that is spirit. Often when making the imagery, there is no purpose to it's creation until afterwards when I realise they have opened up portal of understanding.
I hope that my work offers a feeling of the great surge of cyclical energy that revolves and evolves through our hollow vessel bodies and all that is. I want to express the innate calling of mother nature within us to help amplify a new wave of consciousness that is more harmonious and caring of our planet earth.

Surrender - Scarlett Butters

If Women Rose Rooted - Scarlett Butters

Beira the Goddess of Winter - Scarlett Butters