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Taja Gorenc

artwork - Taja Gorenc


I'm a 19 year old artist Taja Gorenc from Slovenia. I am currently studying arts in a slovenian city Maribor. My love for art started at a young age and later in life i found it useful for expressing some of the feelings that words couldn't. In my paintings I usually use acrylic colors on canvas. I get inspiration in nature, I like to include trees, universe, moon, stars and similar in my art and give my paintings my own perception of this world. Making art makes me feel free and I want to inspire others to do what makes them feel free too.

Rainbow-haired Girl - Taja Gorenc

Calm Inside - Taja Gorenc

Gratitude  - Taja Gorenc

Simple face; complicated mind - Taja Gorenc

Breaking free - Taja Gorenc

Peaceful warrior - Taja Gorenc