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Theodora Capăt

Innocence - Theodora Capăt

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I have always been intrigued in art and how to use it to show my feelings and curiosity about life and death. My latest work represents my frustration towards understanding myself and my surroundings. Art is something you never stop learning. Being creative is hard and very demanding everyday for me yet the result brings me to a higher state of happiness and achievement. Right now my home is Sweden but my wish is that one day I will live in the Romanian Carpathians mountain, painting and living close to nature.

My name is Theodora Daniela Capăt. You may call me Capat. I was born on 9 December 1989 in Bucharest, Romania. Being surrounded by a life of uncertainty and no good moral towards art I did what I could to learn on my own until I moved to Sweden.

In 2010 until 2013 I studied at The Swedish Academy of Realist Art SARA.

After my graduation I worked with SARA from 2014 until 2017 as a primary teacher. During this time I did workshops in Sweden and Romania for companies like NetEnt or schools like Galeria Basil or SARA. I have also worked as an intern at EA DICE Stockholm during summer of 2012. I am also two times winner for The America Portrait Society 2014 Certificate of Excellency and 2015 Exceptional Merit

Time, Bringer of Death - Theodora Capăt

A New Beginning - Theodora Capăt

Untouched - Theodora Capăt

Skull Painting - Theodora Capăt

Circle of life - Theodora Capăt

Fear – The waterhole - Theodora Capăt