Last few remaining Phase 1 Tickets
CloZee interview : Meet our female music producers & DJs
Anthropos Festival pre-party Sat 4th May: Bristol 
Lectures & Speakers : We're more than just music!
Energy Revolution : Keeping It Clean

Anthropos Festival invites you to the forest and the fields, out into nature: to re-wire yourself to the source. From an ancient seed an unforgettable and unique tribal celebration is growing, 
a new kind of festival with stunning visual art, diverse electronic beats and live acts.
Workshops, lectures, discussions, healing area, welfare, live painting, 
artistic involvement, spa & sauna spaces!

Now is the perfect time to grab the *last* remaining Phase 1 tickets at just £100 before they're sold out! 

We have under 50 tickets left at this phase. 

Don’t miss out and we will see you there!  

Anthropos Festival pre-party & PsyJelly anniversary 

Join us on May 4th as we present a small taste of what's to come 
at Anthropos Festival 12019
and to celebrate Psy Jelly's anniversary! 

Expect amazing music, art exhibition, live painting and performances. 
We are very excited to share this special lineup with you! 





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Early Bird: £10 + BF (sold out), 
Phase 1: £12 + BF
Phase 2: £15 + BF
on door (if available) £20

The Loco Club, Temple Meads, Bristol, BS1 6HQ

7pm - 5am. 
Last entry 1am. 
18+ only

Bring friends and good vibes!

Workshops, Speakers, Lectures + more!

Anthropos is MORE than a music festival

it will be a place to learn and grow, in the hope that our experiences together 
will be integrated into your life, practice or perspective. 

The transfer of knowledge through language and shared practice 
is arguably the most archaic form of teaching and humanity’s fundamental way of 
passing down skills and wisdom. By inviting a vivid diversity of incredible minds
ranging from scientists, anthropologists, musicians & artists, internationally acclaimed authors, influential speakers to general wise souls, we honour this tradition. 

Some of the topics being presented:

Lucid Dreaming
Daniel Love

Reflections on gender in visionary/psychedelic culture 
Maia Snow

Consciousness and One 
Dr Adam Barret

Reconnecting to nature through ecopsychology, meditation and love 
Kay Haw

Healing from trauma with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy 
Dr Chloe Sakkal

Music Archeology 
Rupert Till

Mysteries and strange phenomena in evolution and genetics 
Bianca De Sanctis 

Minimising the negative effects of forest fragmentation, including arboreal bridges, 
agroforestry and community outreach 
Lucy Holland

and many others! 

Up close and personal with CloZee ahead of her apperance at Anthropos Festival 

Rising french star CloZee took a bit of time from her busy schedule to answer 
a few questions for us preceding her UK festival debut with us this June. 

Introducing our female electronic producers & DJs

Anthropos is dedicated to equally representing the feminine/masculine energy in all aspects of our first event. We have so many talented music artists, speakers, production crew, workshop facilitators and visual artists joining us and we couldn't be more pleased!

We are still adding more amazing acts as we speak but here are just some of the female acts & bands with female musicians we have announced so far. We are happy to be hosting both international touring artists as well as a diverse selection of UKs favourites!

Clozee | Terra Nine ftg VJ Intelliki | Nikki S | Robin Triskele | Spinney Lainey

Lorraine | Amaluna | Basslayer | DJ Shakti | E:Clipse | IndigoSpirit | Katty Grooves

Opale | Imagyne | Selecta Alice | Snowdrop | Dream Faerie | Firefarm | Silas & Saski

See artist profiles for all the above as well as the rest of the wonderful artists 
coming to play at this first edition of Anthropos Festival

Energy Revolution : Keeping it clean!

We're working with Energy Revolution to tackle the environmental impact of festival travel 
by finding more sustainable ways for audiences to get there and
offering the chance to balance unavoidable emissions 
with investment in renewable energy


* Early bird tickets have now all been reserved *

Less than 50 Phase 1 tickets remaining! 

Phase One
£100 + booking fee
dual tickets no longer available

Future Phases
phase 2: £111 + booking fee
phase 3: £122 + booking fee
door: £133 (if available) 

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