We’re so happy to launch our second Anthropos Stream event, bringing our community together and connecting you with artists, musicians and the rest of the world via our free, interactive online celebration!

Join us in our celebration of life & creativity. Experience the Anthropos Stream for free! This is a fundraiser for inspiring artists, musicians, workshop holders, lecturers and performers in our global community.

We have an amazing weekend planned full of live acoustic and electronic music, workshops, lectures, live painting, performances and so much more! We’re bringing the best of the Anthropos experience to the comfort of your own home or closest convenient wifi spot.

Connect with your favourite artists that you were looking forward to seeing at Anthropos Festival this year as well as some amazing new additions to the family. Gain fresh knowledge, seek deeper insights, have a reunion with your friends and grow with our community.

Look forward to two days of continuous entertainment, celebrating, exploring and re-remembering how to be human. Discover a variety of eclectic areas, with cutting edge music, inspirational art, new exciting knowledge - or just enjoy catching up with like minded people!

To support the artists, musicians, practitioners, lecturers & performers, 100% of your donations raised during the event will go towards the people on the programme! This is a collaborative project of volunteers, organisers, festival goers and creatives: local and international humans coming together to create something new.

We are very sad to postpone our festival once again but are doing our best to connect you, the community, with some amazing people and experiences. It will differ from our fields and woods event but nonetheless you can look forward to connecting with us online.

And we also can’t wait for the magic and vibe we're going to create when we meet again next year at Anthropos Festival 12022HE as well as our One Day & Night Event!

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