We’re a community of festival goers, creatives, artists and musicians, local and international, coming together to create something new.

Anthropos Festival is a community focused gathering, the project is volunteer-led and nearly entirely volunteer-run. It is bottom up, horizontal, and decisions are made using a consensus-democratic process. All funds and efforts go towards making the festival be the most amazing experience it can be!

A participatory event with diverse and expansive round the clock programme and music, it is a transformational experience we all co-create together, as a community.

Anthropos Festival is held annually. NEXT EDITION NOW CONFIRMED: 8th TO 12th SEPT 22!

It is entirely self-funded by the Anthropos crew, friends and supporters like you and everything goes towards making this be the most amazing experience it can be. We receive no funding or support from corporate sponsors, advertisers, the Government or any other third party funding streams. Buying tickets is and will always be the best way to support the project!

Full of friendship, we are a community coming together into a nurturing environment. Anthropos is a place for you to come create, participate!

Together we examine our innate ability to gain wisdom through introspection and are growing our awareness and exploring the infinite potential of human consciousness. We want to explore new ideas and think about where we might be able to move to as humans, together. Highlighting the very best of the human experience, we believe that everyone’s voice is important and brings something unique to this reality that we shape together. Join our ANTHROPOS Community Group on Facebook!

As a crew we aim to have a positive impact on not only your personal experience as a festival participant but also on the broader culture beyond that. Environmental awareness is at the heart of our festival. We strive for a green and sustainable future. Vegan food and drink only. We’re planting a tree for every ticket sold. Compost toilets and a leave no trace approach.

Join our community, get involved and be a part of this unique gathering!

More Info on our Who We Are + Partners page

To find out more about Anthropos and our various projects, please visit:
ANTHROPOSORG.ORG - Anthropos Organisation Overview


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