Event Overview - Current and Future Plans

Here is the outline of current and future plans for Music Stages and Spaces at Anthropos Festival. We plan to always grow the festival in multitude ways!

Music Spaces

This Edition:

1) Ash Stage [first introduced 1st Edition, 2019]
Electronic & instrumental downtempo & chillout music
Ultimate Chillout Vibes, comfy psychedelic café, relaxation chill lounge

2) Oak Stage [first introduced 1st Edition, 2019]
Alternative/Psychedelic electric & electronic dance music
Full spectrum dynamic dance experience

3) Yew Stage [first introduced 1st Edition, 2019]
Live & acoustic music, traditional, instrumental, singer songwriter, alternative folk
Dynamic grassroots music space, groovy live music sound!

4) Juniper Stage [NEW this 3rd Edition, 2024]
Alternative soulful grooves… More TBA!

  • The Willow Circle - Jamming Space [first introduced 2nd Edition, 2022]
    Jam circles and sessions you can participate in, some led and guided by professional musicians, some instruments provided - feel free to bring your own instrument!

  • Music Recording and Production Space [NEW this 3rd Edition, 2024]
    Tutorials and workshops by Professional Producers and Musicians!

Future Editions:

5) (Birch?) Stage [4th Edition]
Experimental & gritty sounds… More TBA!

6) (Pine?) Stage [4/5th Edition]
… More TBA!

7) ? Stage [? Edition]
… More TBA!

Art Spaces

This Edition:

[all first introduced 1st Edition, 2019]

  • Art Gallery
    Transformational Art Exhibition
  • Art Creation Space
    Make & Create - Art materials provided and bring your own!
  • Live-painting
    Most Artists exhibiting at the festival will also live paint in the many different areas!
  • Interactive Art Spaces
    There are many interactive art spaces scattered throughout the festival site.

Future Editions:

  • TBA!

Performance & Circus Arts Spaces

This Edition:

[all first introduced 1st Edition, 2019]
We are welcoming the best in the performance arts to stir the senses throughout the event. Our Performances will showcase light, fire and the finest theatric flow artists with spectacular shows and a dedicated Circus Area & Performance Stage close to the Sacred Central Fire.

  • Live Performances on every Music Stage
  • Dedicated Performance, Flow and Circus Arts Area
  • Large Fireshows and Fire Juggling Jams on the Performance Stage
  • Performances accompanying the Ceremonies around the Sacred Central Fire
  • Circus Arts Workshops in the Circus Tent and Juggling Workshop Spaces
  • Unique Walkabout Acts with mind-blowing costumes that awaken a sense of magic by interacting with guests, adding an extra dimension to the festival experience
  • Theatre and Other Contemporary Performance Pieces on the Performance Stage

Future Editions:

  • TBA!

Healing Village and Mindful Spaces

This Edition:

[all first introduced 1st Edition, 2019]

  • Healing Village Workshop Dome
    A plethora of healing and health focused workshops, activities and skill sets to learn; an extensive programme for your mind, body and soul!

  • Healing Practitioners & Healing Space
    Book a session with one of many talented massage and healing professionals

  • Wellness Sanctuary with Spa, Hot Tubs & Saunas
    Relax and come back home into the body in the free spa area

  • The entire festival site features an Abortorium of Ancient Trees and a myriad Native Plant Species creating Sacred Mindful Spaces.

  • Movement Space [NEW this 3rd Edition, 2024]
    More TBA!
Future Editions:
  • TBA!

Learning, Teaching and General Knowledge-sharing Spaces

This Edition:
  • Talks, Lectures & Panels Space [first introduced 1st Edition, 2019]
    Talks & lectures, panels and discussions on science, anthropology, philosophy, linguistics, ecology, eco awareness, permaculture, social consciousness, culture, music, art, and other cutting edge topics. Many more interesting topics from authors, influential speakers to general wise souls. Talks, Lectures, Panels and Q&As will be happening in their own dedicated lectures space!

  • General Workshop, Learning & Knowledge-sharing Space [first introduced 2nd Edition, 2022]
    Workshops, activities, teaching, learning and sharing knowledge about interesting and important topics happens here! Be it about Music, Creativity, Ecology, Permaculture, Plant-based Food, Bushcraft, Social Topics or something else! Opportunities to learn and grow as humans permeate the festival and are fundamental to the Anthropos ethos.

  • Cinema [NEW this 3rd Edition, 2024]
    A Cinema will run in the evenings and night - new this edition! Cinema as Art and cutting edge documentaries.

Future Editions:
  • The Library? [3rd/4th Edition]

  • Dance Space? [3rd/4th Edition]

  • ... More TBA!

Children's Programme & Spaces

This Edition:

[all first introduced 1st Edition, 2019]

  • Children's Programme & Spaces
    Under 15's go free! Children's Programme full of excitement, learning and fun with Find Your Wild and Faerieland

  • Children's Ceremonies, nature walks and other scheduled activities.

  • Workshop for Children and Parents. Develop key skills, arts and crafts

  • Children will also be able to take part in many of the general activities offered around the festival site. Also check out the Art and Performances Workshops!

  • Woodland and Nature Play. Explore the various exciting spaces with your kids
Future Editions:
  • Adventure Playground
  • … More TBA!

Food, Stalls and Traders

This Edition:

To keep in line with our ethos and keep our festival green, not only have we chosen to have all food be plant based, with no meat and dairy provided on site, but also to eliminate all single use plastics, with all food being served with recyclable or reusable serveware. Food is a huge part of life, and we want to make sure we offer the best options for all attendees!

  • Chillout Café at the Ash Stage

  • The Anthropos Bar
    Building on what we learned last edition, we are exited to once again be able to run our own bar this year, in partnership with local the local Cambridge Moonshine Brewery! They'll even be brewing a special "Anthropos Beer" just for us!

  • Great Vegan Food Stalls
    Internal & 3rd Party Food Stalls that will bring their own magical vegan dishes

  • Unique, Eco-conscious, Non Food traders
    Magical things!
Future Editions:
  • TBA!

More Stuff & Spaces

This Edition as before:

NEW this Edition [3rd Edition, 2024]:

  • (hint:💦)
  • More?!
  • Sensory Paths
Future Editions:
  • … More TBA!

Many more future plans to be announced!

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