Environmental Awareness

Here at Anthropos, we want to inspire you to make the move with us, forward to a healthier world. We will be planting seeds in your mind whilst sharing our space. And hopefully you will leave the festival with the wish to share what you have experienced. And the inspiration to move forward.

Getting to Anthropos

We encourage a carpooling scheme to save on the amount of traffic flow entering our festival site. As an incentive for anyone who travels with a full car, we will be offering free parking once on site, so please do ask around; A car full of people parks for free, a car with some empty seats pays £5 and a car with only the driver £10. Bring your friends, make new ones! Find others travelling from your local area by joining our lift sharing group

For further information about car sharing please visit these sites: blablacarliftshare.

We collaborate with Ecolibrium (formerly Energy Revolution)! We will donate £3 for every Live in Vehicle/Camper passes sold, £2 for every full price parking ticket and £1 for reduced parking ticket to balance your fossil-fuel travel miles to the festival with charity Ecolibrium! 


Each year in the UK, we throw away 57 tonnes of reusable items on festivals. We ask that you leave no trace, and take all items you brought with you back home. We will provide Cups and cutlery for those who forgot theirs, but you won't find any single-use items on our grounds. Unlike other festivals, Anthropos does not charge any trash deposit on the tickets. We are giving unconditional responsibility to each single person, because we believe this is how humans should be living together. Nevertheless, we will provide a few trashbins and a trash selection point, our Eco-Team is picking up MOOP (Matter Out Of Place), and tries to recycle as much thrown away stuff as possible. But we encourage everyone to make Anthropos a zero-garbage fesival as soon as possible!


For every festival ticket sold we will plant a tree in your name!

We believe that Anthropos Festival is not only a symbol of a brighter human future; it can literally make the change towards that future happen.
We are working with the Woodland Trust and conservationists, to make sure the right kind and mixture of native trees are planted. In addition to the direct capturing of carbon, through strategic placement of the new trees we plant, we are seeking to expand local habitats, enabling a greater diversity of other plants and animals.
All of this is to be seen in the context of a greater „Anthropos woodland“, expanded upon year by year.

Get more information about our tree planting mission here


Our site will be small and our water will be easily accessible for all, so do consider this when buying beforehand. With waste reduction being important to us and single use plastics being something we want to keep off our land, we encourage you to bring refillable water bottles and containers with you. We will also be selling merchandise on site if you do forget your own vessels.

Be mindful when you pack your bags and talk to your friends about what they are bringing with them. Try and pack only reusable items, value what you own and keep it for as long as it will last!


Food is a huge part of life, and we want to make sure we offer the best options for you while enjoying your time with us. To keep in line with our ethos we have chosen to serve only plant based foods on site, eating with only reusable serve-ware.

What does this mean?

With the meat & dairy industry being the single largest contributor to carbon dioxide entering the air, going plant based has been said to be the ‘single biggest way’ way that a single person can reduce their impact on earth. For us to keep our festival green we have chosen to not only have zero meat and dairy produce on site, but also to eliminate all single use plastics serving all our food on plates you bring or ones we provide.

So please remember to pack your own; Plate / cup / knife / fork / spoon / reusable water bottle – or whatever you choose to eat and drink from.

But worry not! In case you forget your PEM (Personal Everyday Matter), we will have a deposit area, where you can pick up all of these items for a small deposit which will be returned when you bring it back.

Toilets & Products

We have chosen to supply our event with compost toilets. It's the most environmental way for you to do your business and makes your poop really valuable! Compost toilets are part of a circular system, in which our human waste helps to produce perfect compost, to feed the soil that we use for growing crops. On top of this, the compost system needs neither water nor chemicals.

To continue avoiding chemicals here on site we have also asked all our vendors to only use eco-friendly cleaning products. This ensures that our waste-water is not filled with chemicals, which might harm the eco-systems around the site. Remember to keep this in mind when packing your wash bag. Please only bring all natural products to keep the ground and water happy and chemical free!

These are just a few of our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of Anthropos Festival, and thereby educate a sustainable, less harmful lifestyle.

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