Opportunities to learn and grow as humans permeate the festival and are fundamental to the Anthropos ethos. Joining us in the field will be a plethora of incredible minds and inspiring wise souls who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and wisdom. You will find a great variety of scheduled activities ranging from talks on science and anthropology to dance and circus workshops. Alongside these, meditation sessions and body work such as yoga and qigong will encourage reconnection with the self and the growth of self-knowledge. 

Lectures and Talks at Anthropos

General Workshops at Anthropos (Music, Creative, Ecology, Bushcraft, Social & More!)

Art Workshops at Anthropos

Circus Arts & Performance Workshops at Anthropos

Healing Village Workshops at Anthropos (Healing Workshops, Guided Meditations, Mindfulness, Yoga, Qigong and More!)

Children's Programme at Anthropos

Together we will learn and grow!

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