Camping is only permitted in designated areas. Please follow instruction from volunteers for a smooth entrance when gates open at 1pm on the 8th of September and safe exit before 5pm on Monday 12th of September.

Fires & Cooking

Please be aware that campfires and barbeques are strictly prohibited on site.

Drinking Water

Stay hydrated throughout the festival using the designated water points.

Spa Areas

Our spa area includes a woodland sauna. Feel free to pop in to get your sweat on.


When using showers on site please make sure to use only natural soaps and shampoo products.

Compost Toilets

Avoid to only urinate in our Composting Toilets, the compost wants to be as dry as possible. Always add a cup of sawdust to the compost after each visit. This is vital for the composting process and keeps the toilets smelling good. There will be urinals and pee palaces for all genders if you just need to go number 1.


We decided against the usual trash deposit within the ticket, because we believe grown-ups can clean up after themselves without any financial compulsion. We will provide infrastructure so you can select and dispose your trash in the least harmful way. We will keep picking trash if we find it. But we will not take the responsibility away from you, rather encourage you to make it a personal subject.

Glitter & Featherwaste

We want to be as eco-friendly as possible. Plastic glitter and confetti is strictly prohibited! With that in mind, we ask that you are mindful about decorative waste and wasteful decoration.

Family Friendly

All under 18’s must always be accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian and will receive a special wristband.


There is a bar area offering soft and alcoholic beverages. Please drink responsibly and dont let people around you suffer from it.

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