Food & Drink

Food is a huge part of life, and we want to make sure we offer the best options for you while enjoying your time with us. To keep in line with our ethos we have chosen to serve only plant based foods on site, eating with only reusable serve-ware.

There will be several in house run food stalls that serve incredible vegan dishes at reasonable prices. We also host a variety of food vendors that will bring their own magical vegan dishes!

With the meat & dairy industry being the single largest contributor to carbon dioxide entering the air, going plant based has been said to be the ‘single biggest way’ way that a single person can reduce their impact on earth. For us to keep our festival green we have chosen to not only have zero meat and dairy produce on site, but also to eliminate all single use plastics serving all our food on plates you bring or ones we provide.

So please remember to pack your own; Plate / cup / knife / fork / spoon / reusable water bottle – or whatever you choose to eat and drink from. There will be a beautiful dishwashing station for everyone to use.

But worry not! In case you forget your PEM (Personal Everyday Matter), we will have a deposit area, where you can pick up all of these items for a small deposit which will be returned when you bring it back.

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