Future Plans

Here is the outline current and future plans for Music Stages and Spaces at Anthropos Festival. We plan to always grow the festival in multitude ways!

Music Spaces

This Edition:

1) Oak Stage [2nd Edition, 2022]
Alternative/Psychedelic electric & electronic dance music
Full spectrum dynamic dance experience

2) Ash Stage [2nd Edition, 2022]
Electronic & instrumental downtempo & chillout music
Ultimate Chillout Vibes, comfy psychedelic café, relaxation chill lounge

3) Yew Stage [2nd Edition, 2022]
Acoustic music, instrumental, singer songwriter, alternative folk

The Willow Circle - Jamming Space [2nd Edition, 2022]
Jam circles and sessions you can participate in, led and guided by professional musicians, some instruments provided - feel free to bring your own instrument!

Music Recording and Production Space [2nd Edition, 2022]
Tutorials and workshops by Professional Producers and Musicians!

Future Editions:

4) (Juniper?) Stage [3rd Edition]
Alternative soulful grooves… More TBA!

5) (Birch?) Stage [3rd Edition]
Experimental & gritty sounds… More TBA!

6) (Pine?) Stage [4th Edition]
… More TBA!

7) ? Stage [4/5th Edition]
… More TBA!

Art Spaces

This Edition:

Art Gallery [2nd Edition, 2022]
Transformational Art Exhibition

Art Creation Space [2nd Edition, 2022]
Make & Create - Art materials provided and bring your own!

Live-painting Spaces [2nd Edition, 2022]
Most Artists exhibiting at the festival will also live paint in the many different areas!

Future Editions:


Healing Spaces

This Edition:

Healing Village Workshop Dome [2nd Edition, 2022]
A plethora of skill sets to learn, an extensive programme for your mind, body and soul

Healing Practitioners Spaces [2nd Edition, 2022]
Book a session with one of many talented massage and healing professionals

Wellness Sanctuary with Spa, Hot Tubs & Saunas [2nd Edition, 2022]
Relax and come back home into the body in the free spa area

Future Editions:


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