A Transformational Gathering near London

Come join us and experience cutting edge multi-genre music & bands across
three stages & dancefloors, an extensive art gallery, handcrafted décor & land art, live painting,
performance arts, multimedia visual arts and installations, workshops, lectures,
healing village, free spa area and wellness sanctuary with wood-fired sauna

A New Kind of Festival with over 15 inspirational spaces & areas with dedicated programme. Eco-conscious, delicious 100% vegan food & drink, solar power, a tree planted for every attendee!

Tickets include: full programme, spa access, camping & more

Thursday to Monday: 5 days of camping + round the clock programme
Friday to Sunday: 90 hours continuous Music

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Our Five Core Values
Our core values are Growth, Exploration, Balance, Connection and Celebration. We believe in building a sustainable future which is inclusive and diverse. As a crew we aim to have a positive impact on not only your personal experience as a festival participant but also on the broader culture beyond that. Environmental awareness is at the heart of our festival. We want to explore new ideas and think about where we might be able to move to as humans, together. Highlighting the very best of the human experience, we believe that everyone's voice is important and brings something unique to this reality that we shape together.

Anthropos Festival is a community focused gathering, the project is volunteer-led and run. It is bottom up, horizontal, and decisions are made using a consensus-democratic process. All funds and efforts go towards making the festival be the most amazing experience it can be!

The name 'Anthropos'
Anthropos means human in both ancient and modern Greek. Join us in a celebration of all of humanity throughout all time: past, present and future. We will explore the unique nature of our consciousness - our drive to create beauty through the arts and music, combined with our innate ability to gain wisdom through introspection. Together let us re-remember how to be human!

About the Logo (Hand Stencil)
The festivals logo is based on pre-historic hand stencils. Hand stencils and prints are amongst the oldest types of human art and can be found all over the world. They are a universally human symbol. See this page for more info.

Why 12023HE (HUMAN ERA)?
We're currently in the year 12023 HE, going by the Holocene Calendar.
The Holocene Calendar is a year numbering system that places its first year near the beginning of the Holocene geological epoch and the Neolithic Revolution (which adds 10,000 years to the currently dominant Gregorian calendar). It's a more inclusive system that makes our past more impressive and incorporates all humans from all cultures into our calendar.
For more context on the Holocene calendar, check out this video by the Kurzgesagt − In a Nutshell youtube channel

Location: Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire (NEAR LONDON)
Getting to Anthropos: By car less than an hour from central London, smoothly up the A1! Check our car parking scheme. Catch the train from London in 40 minutes to the festival! 3h from Bristol + Manchester and 1h40 from Heathrow Airport or Stansted if you’re flying internationally. Find others travelling from your local area by joining our lift sharing group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Conditions

Human connection,
ceremonies and deep meditation.
Teaching and learning.

Become an integral part of the festival:
Communicate, connect and make new friends.
Create, join discussions, make art,
play music and jam!
Or just chill.

Celebrate humanity throughout time: past, present and future.
Delve into creating beauty through the arts and music.
Examine our innate ability to gain wisdom through introspection.
Every culture is welcome, we’re a community coming together into a nurturing environment.

We all are Anthropos!

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