Want to contribute with your amazing skills and creative ideas?
Come and participate in the programme or volunteer for your ticket!

We’re festival goers, creatives, artists and musicians, local and international, coming together to create something new. Anthropos Festival is a community focused gathering, the project is volunteer-led and volunteer-run. It is bottom up, horizontal, and decisions are made using a consensus-democratic process. All funds and efforts go towards making the festival be the most amazing experience it can be!

A participatory festival with diverse and expansive round the clock programme and music, it’s a transformational experience we all co-create together! ??

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There are several ways to get involved:

Please email if you have any questions regarding volunteering at Anthropos Festival 2024


Do you have skills you want to share, learn more about what happens when organising a festival, meet new people and have an amazing time? Volunteer with Anthropos!

You want to participate before, during or after the festival? We are searching for Festival Volunteers to be part of the Pre- & Post-Festival phases as well as to volunteer during the event itself. We welcome applications from a wide range of people with talents in different areas. 

Let's co-create an experience that we will remember for a lifetime. Anthropos is all about the magic of creating something bigger together.

All festival volunteers will be asked to purchase a ticket for the festival as a deposit. The full cost will be refunded after the event following completion of all shifts and adherence to the volunteer agreement. For your efforts, you will get meals in the crew kitchen every day worked and a secured area for you to camp together with the crew and artists. And a mesmerizing time of joy and friendship co-creating something really special! You will get a team T-shirt from us and free warm showers will be provided for everyone once set up on site.

See our Public Festival Google Calendar for all the important dates

Thank you and see you soon!


Latest arrival: Before 08/05/2024 (Pre-Build) 08/05/2024 (Build) or 28/05/2024 (Breakdown)

Earliest departure: 22/05/2024 (Build) or 02/06/2024 (Breakdown)

Workwear: Weather proof clothes, S3 work/safety shoes or boots, private tools if possible

Talents/licences: Previous experience in event construction and wood works recommended. Chainsaw licence, other heavy machinery skills appreciated.

This Job is not for the faint-hearted. We will work more hours than other Volunteers, we come earlier and we leave later than anyone else. We handle big tools and carry heavy loads. But we also grow together in this time, and during the festival we are free.

Only apply if you are really experienced in this field or happy to give 110%!

Latest arrival: 22/05/2024 Earliest departure: 27/05/2024

Workwear: Good or boots shoes and a smile

Talents/licences: Good social skills, helpfulness, festival experience!

Our team provides so called „Stewards“ at hotspots, to deliver information to the guests where its needed. Apart from being the Info Point, we guide arrivals to parking lots and camps, help guests with their issues, and help the Security to maintain the right vibe.
We are the communication line between the rest of the crew (especially Production) and Guests. During the festival we facilitate the space for all the other cool things to take place!

Latest arrival: 21/05/2024 Earliest departure: 27/05/2024

Workwear: Shoes and enough clothes to appear clean on every shift

Talents/licences: Hygiene Licence 2 highly appreciated. Experience in kitchen/catering recommended.

This Team runs the Crew Catering, Ash Café, and several stalls like the Toast Office. Our dedication is to hand out the best vegan food and drinks to the people, while having loads of fun. Food Team volunteers have the chance to participate in an hygiene training course, obligatory if unexperienced, more information via email after applying. Get involved early to be part of the creative process of collectively putting together the menu, deciding and planning what to cook, when and where!

Latest arrival: 23/05/2024 Earliest departure: 28/05/2024

Workwear: Strong shoes or boots, enough clothes to appear clean after every shift.

Talents/licences: Enthusiasm to make this world a better place!

To create a magical experience for everyone, we need to maintain the beautiful nature around us. Until we become a Zero-Waste festival, we distribute selective rubbish bins, collect the rubbish and sort it into the recycling system. We also pick up lost items, keep the floor tidy and take care of the camping grounds after the festival. The eco team also takes care of systems such as composting & loos and washing up stations. Prepare yourself for lots of hugs!

Before you apply, make sure that you are free between the latest arrival date and earliest departure. If you consciously violate the working time agreements, your ticket money will not be refunded.

We are extremely thankful for every single person that decides to help even more AFTER the festival. Just tell us the exact time of your stay in your next email, so we can plan for enough food!


We're excited to get you on board our volunteering team! Thank you for going the extra mile with us.

It is essential that you fill this volunteer form out correctly to be an Anthropos Festival Volunteer.
If you are offered a volunteer place, you will also be required to sign the Anthropos Festival Volunteer Agreement after filling out the form or on your arrival (first editions agreement for reference)

Upon your arrival you will be asked to confirm that you have read the volunteer handbook which you will receive a month before the festival. If you have any questions, please email us at

We offer you: Festival entry, 3 vegan meals every workday and free water/teas throughout (before/during/after festival).

Our Privacy Policy can be found here:

Volunteer Application

  • General Contact Info

  • Do you have any specific skills? Are there any activities you would especially like to offer or be involved in?
  • Please note: crew food is entirely vegan.

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