Décor, Installation & Land Art Applications

Decor Application

Anthropos is looking for recruits to join our décor, installation and land art teams! If you have experience with festival builds, working with wood, land art, painting, decor, or have expertise you think could contribute to Anthropos festival we would love to hear from you! Creativity, art and collaborative creation is at the heart of our ethos and we're excited to work together with you to build upon the work we started last year in creating an exciting and inspiring environment. We are also interested in hearing from installation artists that have work ready to deploy as well as proposals for new projects. If possible, please provide a portfolio of previous experience along with any relevant qualifications or certificates e.g. power tool licenses. We can't wait to hear from you! Applications close April 16th
  • General Contact Info

  • Do you have any specific skills? Are there any activities you would especially like to offer or be involved in?
  • Please note: crew food is entirely vegan.
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