Music Applications

Music producers, live bands and DJs - be a part of the Oak, Ash or Yew Stage!

1) Oak Stage - Alternative/Psychedelic electric & electronic dance music. Full spectrum dynamic dance experience
2) Ash Stage - Electronic & instrumental downtempo & chillout music. Ultimate Chillout Vibes, comfy psychedelic café, relaxation chill lounge
3) Yew Stage - Live & acoustic music, traditional, instrumental, singer songwriter, alternative folk. Dynamic grassroots music space, groovy live music sound
4) The Willow Circle - Jamming Space
Jam circles and sessions you can lead or participate in, some instruments provided, but feel free to bring your own instruments
5) Music Recording and Production Space

Music Application

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Want to get involved and be a part of Anthropos Festival in other ways than music? Apply to volunteer!

Come join us in this exciting new co-creation!

Please email us on with any questions!

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