Performers Application - Anthropos Stream

Performers Application - Anthropos Stream

  • You need to be able you have the necessary tools for live streaming. If you do not have a adequate internet connection we also can accept pre-record HQ videos.

    If you would like to perform live make sure you have:

    1. Decent phone camera

    2. Decent internet connection

    Make sure to share 1 picture and video of your work or link to your social media. Thank you for your interest in Performing at the Anthropos Stream 12-13th of June on

    If your application is succesful you will be receiving a split of the donations that will be fundraised during the event!

    Please fill out the below and we will get back to you soon! Deadline 7th of June 2021.

  • General Contact Info

  • Performance Info

  • What performance do you have in mind?
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