Emma Watkinson

Location: Art Gallery

Emma Watkinson

Fine art

Emma was born on Dartmoor, Devon , May 1st 1973.

After completing a Diploma in Fine Art & Design she spent many years traveling exploring the spiritual traditions of different cultures around the world.

Her inspiration comes principally from her explorations in consciousness and esoteric study. Her Art is inspired by meditations on the archetypes of mythology, designed to activate powerful forces in the psyche for healing and transformation. She practices Druidry, Buddhist meditation, Chi Gung, has trained in the Kabbalistic western occult tradition & studied Jungian psychology.

Her greatest challenge has been being born with a disability that impeded her walking as a child , resulting in a lot of surgery throughout life to keep her mobile. She still encounters difficultys in all every day activitys. Art is her therapy, she considers her creativity to be born of the life journey of meeting this challenge, physically & psychologically.

Her art has been exhibited widely at festivals, gallerys & museums internationally.  Initially self taught, researching classical Academy methods of painting, she assisted Ernst Fuchs (principle founder of Fantastic Realism) in 2012 in Vienna, trained on courses in oil painting in Italy & Austria, & at the London School of Representational Art.

 Besides painting, her other great love is Music, flute & songwriting.

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