Frank Top

Frank Top

Fine art

Frank Top was born on the 3rd of March 1990 in Breda, The Netherlands.

Drawing has always been a part of Frank's life. And from a young age he spent a lot of time in nature. He has always had the sense that there was something unseen about the world. An all-pervasive mysteriousness. Call it an alternate dimension, call it the light of eternity, call it the Dao, words are not important. In nature that sensation was the strongest.

It was not until his twenties that he started to consciously explore the more occult aspects of reality. It was a period of much personal growth and development of his craft. However, there was also a lot of darkness. This fueled his desire for transmutation of the self. Digging ever deeper he ultimately came to find his inner light and reclaim his power.

His art today comes from a desire to awaken people to the magic that surrounds them and is within them. He is inspired by nature, folklore, mythology, mystical experience and history.

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