Torus Energy

Location: Art Gallery

Torus Energy

Fine art

Jack William Lightfoot under the pseudonym Torus energy is a multifaceted artist and creator from the UK born in 1992. Projects include painting, fashion design, architecture, carpentry, digital design and many others. Born in the Midlands countryside and exploring world's in search of constant inspiration to the work he creates with these experiences attempts to represent powerful unification of all the human spirits and in turn the with natural world and our part to play in it.

Aspiring to bring a palatable for all contemporary sense of shamanism to the modern age through the different mediums of art and creation to deliver subconscious and hopefully conscious messages to the viewer. Since earliest memories, Jack was drawing monsters, creatures and dinosaurs from his imagination.

This passion has been a winding adventure taking him all over the globe and opening many doors. Working freelance as a designer in everything from clothing to album covers. His thirst for inspiration has lead him to study through human anatomy, animal anatomy, cultural imagery and architecture.

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