games, storytelling, magic-shows

Faerieland is enchanted make-believe dream-scape, animated by performers with the intention awakening a sense of wonder and play. Explore the attractive decor illuminated at night or during the day, and connect with the powerful spirit of the faerie with our faerieland games, storytelling magic-shows and activities.  Faerieland has a multiplicity of offerings and a gorgeous storytelling yurt known as "THE LIGHT".

Faerieland is bought to life by our troupe of colourful, uplifting characters who fill the space with vibrant music and plentiful invitations to connect with your own playful nature. Receive wishes from an actual faeries, get drawn in by one of their hilarious theatre-skits or enjoy a night-time light-up circus, dance performance.

The curious creatures and colourful characters of faerieland offer daily bubble workshops and a spectacular bubble-show. There are hula-hoop workshops, hilarious games, morning yoga, crafting and comedy improvisation workshop designed to awaken the playfulness in adults. Our daily schedule of shenanigans runs throughout the day and offers folk of all ages the opportunity to set involved in our joyful famil of magical beings.


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