Healing Village

It takes a village, so they say... so the Anthropos Healing Village grew, dedicated to healing and mind/body/spirit practices. Wellbeing, balance, meditation and related practices are integral to Anthropos Festival. We’re incredibly honoured to have such skilled healers and practitioners to join us.

We foster an environment that allows for lots of play and massive fun, but will also encourage you to take time for yourself. To rest, revive and THRIVE at the festival. Reconnect with yourself, delve deep within. We believe that when you are feeling your absolute best, you can have the absolute best time! Relax and come back home into the body in the free spa area: saunas, hot tubs, showers and more!

Learn from qualified mindfulness teachers, yogis, qigong and tai chi masters. A plethora of skill sets to learn, an extensive programme for your mind, body and soul. A wide range of workshops, guided meditations and classes. Book a session with one of many talented massage and healing professionals or just enjoy the healing space and all it has to offer freely.

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