Lunari Yoga

Lunari Yoga

Vibrant and dynamic, Imogen's yoga classes aim to build heat and energy in the body to aid in detox and purification of mind body and soul whilst addressing physical ailments and concerns such as tension and short hamstrings.Pranayama and meditation techniques are interwoven to create wholesome classes that light you up inside.

Vibrant and dynamic Vinyasa Yoga based within the intelligent Ashtanga tradition and encompassing other potent yogic techniques to shed the layers and move with grace in union with your truest form.

Beneficial to all levels of practice, each class is tuned to the energy of the day, and the seasonal and elemental factors that affect us and the way we feel. Morning classes will be most dynamic, opening the body and awakening the Pranic flow aiding in healthy digestion, raised energy levels, boosted immunity and circulation. Setting a positive intention for the day and increasing metabolism.

Imogen Rose

Imogen is a highly qualified Yoga teacher and complementary therapist. She is the founder of Lunari, offering Yoga, therapeutic treatments and Lunari organic skincare.

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