Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation

Dr G. Burr

Dr. Gareth Burr (Bsc;PhD/DPhil) registered Mindfulness Teacher and listed with the 'UK Network of Mindfulness Teachers' (and 'bemindful .co.uk' -& these are the two main websites to check for a full list of the registered mindfulness teachers). Gareth offers 8-Week Mindfulness Courses; one-day retreats, w/e retreats & the annual silent-led retreat. Gareth's courses, classes and sessions are highly recommended for all stages - both beginners and advanced.

Gareth is with the UK Network of Mindfulness Teachers as well as The Independent Mindfulness Teachers Guild (IMTG): the East-anglian group of Mindfulness Teachers, now scheduling weekend 'Mindfulness in Nature' silent-led retreats for 2018 - please email for more info.

Gareth trained in the Mindfulness teacher training program with the Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice (CMRP) at Bangor University, completing to level TTL3 (Teacher Training Level 3). He teaches the 8-week Mindfulness course in Cambridge, and first engaged with the formal mindfulness training in 1997 during doctoral studies at the University of Oxford. He is currently running an active farm and outdoor woodland retreat centre in South Cambs & follows the UK good practice guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers. Gareth welcomes all opportunities to engage on the subject - including the nature of the paradox that may arise on the path of 'trying' too hard to achieve it.

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