Somatic Movement Meditation

Somatic Movement Meditation

Somatics is an approach to integration of the mind-body connection. Through life experiences and circumstances we may experience disconnection from ourselves, from our bodies.

Whilst many modern movement practices encourage you to 'push through', somatics emphasizes creating a practice that is as easeful as possible. Performed mostly lying down, class opens with a meditation to tune in to the breath and the body. Gravity aids the body as the mind rekindles connections to the muscles in slow, deliberate movement. Participants are guided into mindful awareness of a new relationship with themselves.

This practice is profoundly nourishing for the nervous system, supports a stronger foundation for daily movement, and offers exquisite moments of self-care before returning to the dance floor! Bring: a blanket or yoga mat + pillow

Mel Cassidy

Mel is a sex-positive relationship nerd who guides social misfits and cultural rebels to experiences of joyful, embodied, authentic open relationships.

Mel studied theatre, Laban dance theory and Lecoq mime, before going on to become a certified bodyworker, and subsequently a relationship coach. She is certified in Counselling for Intimacy and Relationships, Holistic Peer Counselling, and is a ZEGG Forum facilitator. Her current studies are focussed on Somatics and trauma-informed approaches to the mind-body relationship.

With over two decades of experience teaching and facilitating in groups small and large, Mel has a reputation for innovation, novelty, and both thinking and living outside the box.

Mel is queer, and experiences relationships as a solo polyamorous individual, and lives, loves, and dances on the traditional and unceded territories of the K'ómoks Nation in British Columbia, Canada.nt and vocal exercises to get that energy flowing.

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