Vinyasa & Ashtanga Yoga

Vinyasa & Ashtanga Yoga

Trained primarily in vinyasa and ashtanga - my classes have a strong focus on movement and flow. Expect a strong class, often with long creative sequences and occasional 360 mandala-style rotations around the mat. And of course a fair amount of sweat.

Come get into your body with me!

Emily Thomson

I was first introduced to yoga and movement work whilst training at drama school to be an actor. I found yoga a fab way of warming up, and getting my body, brain and breath ready to rehearse. But soon it started trickling into my life in general and I was practicing every day - so I thought it was about time I trained and started teaching too!

I trained at Sampoorna Yoga in South Goa, India, and have returned there for an internship to further my training and practice. I have also attended workshops in anatomy and will soon be starting my advanced teacher training with Jason Crandell.

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