Zen for Energy and Grounding Workshop

Zen for Energy and Grounding Workshop

This is a 1hr introductory workshop to the teachings of Zen Master Hakuin, one of the great Zen Masters from within the Rinzai tradition of Zen Buddhism.

He taught that our spiritual journey requires our attention on two aspects like the wings of a bird. On one hand we have the quest for truth and oneness. On the other, we have the need for physical wellbeing and full integration of our practices. If you only focus on one wing you just go round in circles and don’t get very far.

This workshop draws our attention to that second wing and introduces practices designed to generate and move energy around our bodies yet keep a very grounded quality, enabling you to bring it through to your everyday life in a practical manner with an empowered aliveness. Perfect for a conscious festival!

This is a non-traditional meditation workshop. Whilst there will be a sitting meditation in the second half, the first involves movement and vocal exercises to get that energy flowing.

David Mokuren Slater

David ‘Mokuren’ Slater, a student of Zen Master, Julian Daizan Skinner Roshi of Zenways, teaches Zen Meditation and Mindfulness with the aim of helping people find their way out of suffering to a place where they are simply ‘being now’. This is a natural state of complete engagement with the present moment, characterised by a ‘letting go’ of attachments to cravings, aversions, and to fixed ideas of how things should or shouldn’t be. One where people can find calm in the chaos of daily life and some kindness and compassion, for themselves, their healing process, and others they meet along the way.

As Being Now, he holds courses and workshops in Zen Meditation & Mindfulness for Wellbeing, Insight, and Energy Cultivation & Grounding. He teaches in a very practical and down to earth way, placing great emphasis on meditation being the process of learning how to let go and allowing things to be as they are, and the importance of continually engaging with our physical being during daily life, to help find and maintain our calm centre amidst the chaos.

Never one to rest on his laurels he has recently started Zenways Nottingham, a satellite sangha to the London sitting as part of his Zen Teacher training.

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