Healing from Trauma with MDMA

Healing from Trauma with MDMA

Assisted Psychotherapy

In this talk Dr Sakal explores the impact trauma can have on both the cognitive and emotional mental state, and how this shapes the way we experience ourselves and the world around us. She will discuss the action of MDMA on the brain, and how this can be used alongside psychotherapy for healing and growth.

Dr Chloe Sakal

Having gained a BSc in neuroscience, Chloe went on to study medicine and is now a psychiatrist working in a Bristol community mental health team. She has a keen interest in the psychopharmacology and the potential for the therapeutic use of psychedelic drugs in treating a wide range of psychiatric disorders. She is a study doctor for the UKs first MDMA-assisted psychotherapy trial looking at the safety and tolerability of its use in the treatment of alcoholism. Alongside this, she also campaigns for and provides progressive harm reduction strategies for recreational drug use, including work within drug testing services in Bristol and at festivals.

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