Location: Ash Stage


Born on December 30, 1989, in the quaint town of Heerlen, Netherlands, Mervyn discovered a fascination with metaphysics and music from an early age. Living with autism, Mervyn found his emotional bridge to the world was not through words, but through the universal language of music. His emotions found their echo in his voice, and the melancholic notes he would draw from the piano were expressions of his soul, enabling him to release any sadness that was held within.

For him, music wasn't merely an art form; it became a therapeutic companion, akin to a personal diary. Each melody he composed was a chronicle of his life experiences, a meaningful life lesson, or a significant event. Through his creation, Aeon Cosmowyn experienced a conversation with his subconscious, gaining new insights and personal growth each time he composed.

Initially, sharing these personal reflections with the world felt as though he was exposing his very soul. However, buoyed by the encouragement of his loved ones, Mervyn published his debut album, “Cosmic Insights,” in 2014. As he shared his inner world, he discovered that his music resonated deeply with others, providing comfort and facilitating healing. This profound connection inspired him to continue his musical journey, turning the keys of his piano into keys unlocking hearts worldwide.

Nowadays, Aeon Cosmowyn considers himself fortunate to be in the company of many inspiring artists. Their presence pushes him to continually evolve his music and conquer his shyness, embracing his creations with more confidence. His unique sound—a captivating blend of Psybient rhythms imbued with messages of love and hope—continues to mesmerize listeners.

As we embark on the journey with Aeon Cosmowyn, we collectively delve into the profound depths of our souls. This shared experience translates into the universal language of music, serving as a conduit through which we encounter love, resilience, and enduring hope.

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