Location: Ash Stage


ARI333 is a music producer, DJ and Reconnective Dance facilitator. In his sound you can hear hints of bass music, psychedelic trance and drum and bass, blended smoothly with acoustic, etno, tribal and world elements. Trance inducing and blending ambient atmospheric elements with progressing percussions, beats and rolling basslines. It inspires to move ecstatically, to release and to reconnect to the depths of the being and to awaken the soul.

He is also the creator of Reconnective Dance, an active dance meditation combining movement, breathing and body awareness exercises from ancient traditions such as yoga and taoist practices (Tai Chi/Qigong)with dance and his musical productions.

He is always developing new ways to combine music with psycho spiritual practices and developing the technology both musically and of the human body. If you want to follow his journey be sure to follow him!

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