AYO (Live)

AYO (Live)

ambient, downtempo

AYO’s sound is taking you on a journey into a world of dreamy soundscapes, drone subs, small creaky details, long evolving pads and slow beats. Through scandinavian forests, white mountains and northern lights into a world where we communicate and connect without words. By sampling sitars-violins-cellos, modulating FM synths, incorporating field recordings and playing around with raw data and noise, AYO attempts to create a timeless bubble of calm atmospheric sounds, that gently yet persistently makes ones mind and body drift towards a fundamental earthly connection.

AYO is the solo project of Julie Schønherr Rosengreen. Julie has been playing the violin as a kid both playing classical and a bit of folk music, but also composing her own and playing around with different combinations of melodies. As she grew older she began appreciating electronic music and later on started composing her own tunes.

Not long after she started producing, she got her first festival gig in Denmark and have since then been active in the Danish chill scene, playing at festivals like Senpati, Sensun, Shiva Spirit and multiple events. Abroad she has played in countries like Nepal, Morocco, Germany, Spain, Lithuania etc. This includes festivals such as Freqs of Nature, Transition festival and Gaia gathering. Currently she is studying for her bachelor in Sound Design at Sonic College in Denmark. But earlier she has also been doing electronic music and VJ courses at Frontsession in Aarhus and Engelsholm College for Arts and Music.

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