Location: Ash Stage


Emile Vartanian., better known by his stage name EMOG, is a psychedelic dub music producer and a prominent psychedelic trance DJ from Vancouver, British Columbia. Born with a passion for music, Emile Vartanian began his musical journey at an early age, learning to play multiple instruments, including guitar, piano, and bass.

Over time, his love for music led him to explore various genres, but it was the psychedelic sound that resonated with him the most. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Ott, Shpongle, and Entheogenic, Emile Vartanian began to experiment with creating his own unique blend of psychedelic dub music.

As he honed his skills, EMOG began performing at local events in Vancouver, eventually performing at larger festivals, such as Envision in Costa Rica, Shambhala Music Festival, Astral Harvest in Canada, and many more.

As his popularity grew, EMOG(Emile V). began to produce his own music, releasing his first EP, “Celestial Tales,” in 2013. His music quickly gained a following, with fans drawn to his unique blend of psychedelic dub and trance elements. He went on to release several more EPs, as well as his debut album, “Infinite Horizons,” in 2018 with Merkaba Music Label.

EMOG quickly became known for his high-energy performances, blending live instrumentation with electronic beats to create a dynamic and captivating sound. His performances were further enhanced by his use of visuals and other multimedia elements, creating a fully immersive experience for his audience.

In addition to his work as a musician, Emile Vartanian is also an event organizer with Gaia Sound Music Events, helping to curate and produce some of the most exciting events in the psychedelic music scene. His passion for music and dedication to the scene have made him a respected figure in the community, and he continues to inspire and excite audiences around the world with his music and performances.

Overall, EMOG (Ecstatic Music of Gaia) is a talented musician and artist, known for his unique blend of psychedelic dub and trance music. His high-energy performances and dedication to the scene have made him a beloved figure among fans and fellow artists alike, and his contributions to the music world continue to inspire and influence others.

Prepare yourself to be set adrift in a sea of hidden treasures.

“You will be inspired by the sound and driven by the music.”

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