Location: Ash Stage


"Illusive Tuna is a Bristol based duo who share a fanatic expression for dub exploration. This release will sink the listener to the deepest reaches of imagination fuelled travel. Ride the 'Dubmarine' through the currents of expertly designed psychedelic soundscape. Bob with the bodacious bump of the tight dubby bass lines that are finely crafted with tone that pulls you down into an extraordinary seat of comfort. . . We wish you a pleasant voyage." - Triple Drop Productions

"Some fun and groovy choons by Illusive Tuna. It's like Ott and Globular had a love child that came out of the womb puffin' cheeba offa fatty." Androcell

"Immensely detailed and beautifully layered - what a deep, trippy and pretty release :D" - Globular - review of Zawn

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