Location: Ash Stage


Liquid Soma is a psybass/psychill DJ and producer. Big fan of Entheogenic, Kalya Scintilla, Ott and Shpongle, she takes you into the deepest psychedelic dimensions. Breakbeat, sound design, powerful basslines, Eastern melodies and ethnic voices – this is all that you need to know about her music.

Started her DJ career from psytrance in 2008, and after falling in love with psychill performed with both styles. In 2013 started making her own music and after a few psytrance tracks decided to do something freeform, and ended up with psydub. Making more tracks and playing them in her sets she got more and more demand from different labels.

Veronika plays her own music mixed with tunes by other artists with special effects and live elements in Ableton Live. Released her music on Mystic Sound rec., Free-Spirit rec. And Sentimony rec. in the last two years. Performing all around Western and Eastern Europe and India, with top artists such as Entheogenic, Liquid Bloom, Terra Nine, Kuba, Kukan Dub Lagan and many others.

In 2021 joined a British label Visionary Shamanics records and became a label DJ and artist.

My second project is Chaosoma (psytrance, full on). Please follow if you love dancing and jumping!

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