Sigil (Live)

Sigil (Live)

electronic, psychedelia, psychedelic

A passion for original and imaginative psychedelic music

DJ and producer originally from UK but currently based in Portugal.

Symbiont Simian - Merkaba Music
A gnostic - Glitchy Tonic

Compilation tracks:
Prayer - Merkaba Music
Syntropy - Electrik Dream
Fleeced - Pink Sheep Project
Digil Sippy (with Dirty Hippy) - Kupuri Music
Classification - Kupuri Music
Photosynthesis - Glitchy Tonic
Intro (Wunch of Bankers) - Glitchy Tonic
Epistemology - Maia Brasil
Utopia - Into This Wired Abyss
Storm - Into This Wired Abyss
Movements - Self-released
Intention - Self-released

Lamb - Heaven (Sigil remix)
Lamb -Butterfly Effect (Sigil remix)
Sixis - Mycolinguistic (Sigil remix)
Opaque - All About the Music (Sigil remix)

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