Location: Ash Stage


URUCUM is a downtempo project led by Daniel, a young Austrian music artist, already experienced in the Austrian Psy Trance scene. Inspired by his travels to Latin America, living, connecting and working with tribes and their native medicine, he blends together many organic elements associated with electronic sounds. His music gives the opportunity to connect deeply with our primal roots. Dancing, praying, chilling, flying away!

URUCUM takes us deep into our roots. Flutes, hand drums and chants present us with an energy of something ancient, while URUCUM's production approach offers us groove and bass to move to.

With many releases, remixes and a new live set, URUCUM's name has seen itself published on downtempo or medicine music labels like NUMA, Resuéno, Tonal, Ohxala Records, Cosmovision Records, Wanderlust Musica & Monada Project! An artist to keep an eye on.

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