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Psycare Uk Welfare & Harm Reduction Charity Number: 1167203

PsyCare UK Welfare & Harm Reduction is a charity that provides welfare and harm reduction services at music festivals and events throughout the UK and internationally. They have been operating for over 10 years during which time they have earned a reputation for the specialist and compassionate services they offer at events of all sizes. Many people experience emotional, psychological, and practical difficulties at music festivals. It is therefore vital to have an effective and compassionate welfare service that can offer: Crisis Support - Provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals can be assisted to navigate a variety of difficult experiences and where challenges can be transformed into positive learning and developmental opportunities. Welfare - Provide a welfare service to meet the needs of all festival goers such as sunscreen, condoms, period products and safety advice. Harm Reduction - Reduce the harms associated with drug use, by providing crisis intervention and psychological support to those undergoing difficult experiences and promote specialist harm reduction advice and drug information to festival attendees.

Anthropos Trained Volunteers

Our stewarding team of volunteers is joined by experts in the field. Covering gates / car park, box office / accreditation, internal stewarding, event control and production office. Feel free to approach any of the Stewards anytime!

Hardcore Medical

Medical services is provided by an event medics and ambulance company that has been operating since 2010 with roots in the dance music environment.


Friendly and competent security, specially vetted by us and given particularised training for our events.

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