Anthropos is more than just a festival. We run several retreat events throughout the year.

Anthropos Retreats currently remain suspended but are due to return after the festival in 2024.

Our retreats are a coming together of teachers and masters of their craft offering workshops and lectures and the space to delve deep within, awakening your creative and reflective forces. A lot of the artists, musicians and practitioners attending the festival will collect here to attune the feeling of Anthropos! It is a melting pot of art: the visual expression, music: auditory discovery and meditation: finding balance within. Discovering the cross pollination of these subjects with you being at the centre is what the retreat is all about. Oh and of course spa and sauna!

Camping at Anthropos Retreat: Normal camping is included with the retreat. All meals from our wholesome vegan kitchen during the retreat. Any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

Past Practitioners & Offerings, please see the past schedule below

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