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We're stoked to be interviewing Itay Berger, the legend behind Kukan dUb Lagan, Feel Life Music and many other projects. The long-anticipated album will be available from tomorrow on his Bandcamp page and it will be under “name your price”. You are welcome to support the music & vibe in any way you choose.
His upcoming album release, 'Searching For A Fogbow', created in his Kukantaiko Studio, Barcelona, Spain, is being premiered today at the Kukan DUB Lagan Album Premiere: Searching For A Fogbow event starting at 19:00 CEST / 20:00 BST or 3pm ET/12pm PT on and as well as re-streamed on The Rust Music.
To mark this special occasion there will be additional sets by (all times in CEST):
21:00 Foxtail
22:00 henriq (Zen Baboon)
23:00 Kukan dUb Lagan
00:00 Bwoy De Bhajan
01:00 GAUDI
What were your inspirations for 'Searching For A Fogbow'?
"I like to listen to Ennio Morricone & Nino Rota as I have always been inspired by their music. The album’s main inspirations came from life, my family and our reality these days."
Itay named the album 'Searching For A Fogbow' as he is on a journey, learning his reality each day.
What does the album’s title reveal about the album’s themes and intended impact?
"There is a journey in the search for the fogbow, also known as a ghost rainbow, experiencing the happiness and agony in life, as there is always a balance and unbalance. I wish for listeners to experience the album as a whole journey so the music and sounds will have an impact on them living those moments. The Balanced / Un Balanced, Gamut Of Emotions."
Writing the album over the last few months, he says that he is: "always working on music and had the time to produce in the last months." He adds that "music will set you free".
Could you tell us about your unique approach towards music?
"I believe that when producing music one always needs to be original and you should always try surprising yourself and the audience. Each release should be different, a surfeit of ideas."
The album is just over 45 minutes of what he calls “an abstract journey“. We’ve had a sneak peak and can safely say that it has a really great dynamic and expression!
Are there hints of a consistent, underlying worldview through the album?
"Of course. Reality is quite fugacious and we should value the moments we enjoy with our family and friends, as we can see how fast our reality and normal routine can change and disappear."
We need to value each moment in our reality. Especially right now we hope one of Anthropos’ messages resonates: Let us re-remember how to be human!
Released during COVID-19 pandemic and global protests, how does the album reflect the current times?
"Each one of us is having a journey now moving forward into the Extramundane unknown. We got into this journey because of the pandemic, which has affected each and every one of us. For many, it is a restart of our reality, whether we like or not."
The music is especially made for these times. We are here to help each other navigate through these uncertain times. Connecting with our communities: uniting in different and new ways.
What’s been your impact on the scene and in particular the chill-out scene?
"I’ve been working for more than 25 years, and in all my years I do all I can to develop the musical scene worldwide. I’m advising people at any point I can, and anywhere where they are open to my way of life. Life through music."
And finally, how long will we have to wait again until the next release? ;)
"Soon. I can already feel it. Over the next few days I am about to start producing the next SORIAN album. The last Sorian album came out in 2011. That’s a long break and it is about time to have a new ethnic psychedelia release. Kukan, with a different vibe, the opposite to the ambient freestyle release, in the works and will follow right after. No breaks, pure productive time."
Please describe what 'Anthropos' means to you:
"A Cloud Of Candyfloss ;) Family, connection, community, fun, originality, focus and success."
Thanks a lot to Itay Berger for bringing such an original piece of work to all of us to enjoy!

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