Under 18s

Anthropos - A Child Friendly Festival 

All generations are welcome at Anthropos Festival; old and young, families, teenagers, toddlers, babies and everyone in between receives a cheerful welcome. However, in the interests of public safety we do have rules in place to ensure that everyone is safe guarded. For more terms and conditions visit this page.

Under 18s Tickets 

Children 15 and under enter free if registered with their parent or legal guardian. Ages are applicable on the opening day of the event in any given year. 

The adult purchaser is the assumed guardian and responsible adult for any under 18s they purchase tickets for.

Proof of age will be required at the gate on entry – see below for accepted ID.

Under 18s tickets may only be purchased with/in addition to an existing order of adult tickets, by an adult of 21 years or older.

All teens must be accompanied by their associated guardian/adult on the ticket system upon entry to the festival.

Proof Of Age

Accepted ID includes:

Photographic proof of identification may be required and must be one of: Driving Licence, Passport, or National ID

  • Child Details

  • Please fill out all lines.
  • Parent or Legal Guardian Details

  • Please fill out all lines.

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