Anthropos Woodland

For every festival ticket sold we plant a tree in your name!

We believe that Anthropos Festival is not only a symbol of a brighter human future; it can literally make the change towards that future happen.
We are working with the Woodland Trust, local collectives and conservationists, to make sure the right kind and mixture of native trees are planted. In addition to the direct capturing of carbon, through strategic placement of the new trees we plant, we are seeking to expand local habitats, enabling a greater diversity of other plants and animals.
All of this is to be seen in the context of a greater „Anthropos woodland“, expanded upon year by year.

Positive change is still happening all around us, and we are part of it. Under extreme hygienic precautions, a group of 8 brave eco warriors planted over 1000 trees in early March 12020! We selected a mixture of different regional trees and bushes, enabling the original eco system to flourish again. One tree was planted for each person that participated at Anthropos Festival 12019 <3

Here grows a tree with your name.

Get more information about our green missions here

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